• Unique construction features DMACK British design and technology.
  • Fuel efficient tread pattern to maximise Xtra value.
  • Construction focused on safety and performance.
  • Innovative deep tread design ensures maximum surface contact and wet grip.
  • Unique straight-line tread grooves provide low rolling resistance.
Eco Xtra Details
185/70 R1488H
175/65 R1482T
175/65 R1486T XL
185/65 R1588H
195/65 R1595T XL
195/65 R1591H
195/65 R1591V
185/60 R1588H XL
195/60 R1588H
195/60 R1588V
185/55 R1582H
185/55 R1582V
195/55 R1585V
205/55 R1691V
205/55 R1691W
205/55 R1694V XL
215/55 R1697V XL
215/55 R1697W XL
225/55 R1695V
225/55 R1695W
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