Tough Sardinia Brings Summer Challenge For DMACK

Tough Sardinia Brings Summer Challenge For DMACK

DMACK will take on one of the toughest rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship this week when Rally Italia Sardegna sees competitors tackle the rough, narrow tracks on the Mediterranean island.

The stages can be some of the most abrasive in the series and traditional hot weather results in extremely demanding conditions for tyres, cars and crews. The rough gravel roads across the north of the island are renowned for sharp rocks which become exposed on the second pass – with damaged wheels and tyres becoming more common.

2017 Performance
DMACK’s lead driver Elfyn Evans retired on the opening day after going off the road and colliding with a tree but DMACK drivers claimed all nine places in the WRC 3 championship using a specially reinforced gravel tyre introduced specifically to deal with the demands of the event.

Tyre Overview
The DMG+2 tyre, which worked well last year, is nominated again for WRC cars, with the hard GH34 and soft GS84 compounds selected for the event.

WRC 2 and R5 cars will use the DMG+22, which also benefits from the same run-flat construction that was used in 2017 across the WRC car range. Compounds available are the hard GH44, which has been nominated for Sardinia, and soft GS64.

Nominated Tyres
List 1 for R5 and WRC 2
DMACK 205/65R15 DMG+22, GH44 hard (22) and GS64 soft (16)
Maximum allowed: 22

List 2 for WRC
DMACK 215/65R15 DMG+2, GH34 hard (24) and GS84 soft (16)
Maximum allowed: 24

This year shakedown tyres are not included in the overall event allocation.

Event Information
Based: Alghero, Sardinia
Start: Alghero, 17:00 on Thursday 7 June
Finish: Alghero, 14:15 on Sunday 10 June
Stages: 20 stages, 313.46km
Longest stage: SS12/16 Monte Lerno 29.11km

Dick Cormack, DMACK managing director, said: “Sardinia has some of the toughest challenges of the year with abrasive roads, sharp rocks and high temperatures. However, both our list 1 and list 2 tyres feature a reinforced run-flat construction and we are confident that additional strength will deliver a competitive product for our customers.”


Tough Sardinia Brings Summer Challenge For DMACK
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